2020-2021 School Year Start Up Parent Meetings

Category: Parent Communications

The following meetings will be held by Superintendent Mike McMann in attempt to give all parents in the FVSD an opportunity to ask questions regarding the school year in relation to COVID-19 and for the Superintendent to explain the regulations they are required to follow.

Uploaded on August 24 2020

2021-2022 - AHLC Supply Lists - Grades 4-7

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Uploaded on September 3 2021

2021-2022 - AHLC Supply Lists - K-3

Category: Parent Communications
Uploaded on September 3 2021

2021-2022 School Calendar

Category: Calendar
Uploaded on September 20 2021

A message from the Family Resource Centre

Category: Parent Communications

A Message from the Family Resource Centre on new services and a Triple P Guide for Parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uploaded on April 20 2020

AHLC Education Plan Results 2020-2021

Category: Education Plan
Uploaded on December 8 2021

AHLC Informational Brochure

Category: Parent Communications

Read more about the At-Home Learning Centre, an online learning school within the Fort Vermilion School Division.

Uploaded on March 2 2022

Application for Alberta Birth Certificate

Category: Parent Communications

Use this application form to order an Alberta birth certificate.

Uploaded on March 3 2022

COVID-19 Symptom Flowchart - March 2022

Category: Parent Communications
Uploaded on March 1 2022

Employment Opportunity: Casual Bus Drivers Needed!

Category: Parent Communications

The Transportation Department is seeking to hire Casual Bus Drivers for almost all of our school locations. These are an on-call positions to commence as soon as possible upon hire.

Uploaded on July 24 2020

FVSD Connection Team

Category: Learning Services

Information about the FVSD Connection Team and services offered as well as how to contact team members. (updated July 2022)

Uploaded on July 7 2022

FVSD Relaunch Plan September 2020

Category: Parent Communications
Uploaded on October 22 2020

FVSD Relaunch September 2020 (September 6, final version signed by CMOH)

Category: Parent Communications

Fort Vermilion School Division School Relaunch Plan September 2020 In-school classes resume - near normal with health measures Revised September 6, 2020

Uploaded on September 10 2020

FVSD Student Registration Form

Category: Registration

Bring the completed form, along with the appropriate student identification document(s) to your local school office to register your child.

Uploaded on July 7 2022

FVSD Student Reporting Guide for Kto6 - 2021-2022

Category: Parent Communications
Uploaded on November 8 2021

June is National Indigenous History Month!

Category: Parent Communications

In June, Canadians celebrate National Indigenous History Month, an opportunity to honour the heritage, contributions and cultures of Indigenous peoples in Canada. In 2009, June was declared National Indigenous History Month following the passing of a unanimous motion in the House of Commons.

Uploaded on June 2 2021

Making the Most of Parent/Teacher Communications

Category: Parent Communications

Read our Parent/Teacher Communications guide for information on the importance of staying connected with your child's teacher. Suggestions for questions to ask during Parent/Teacher Interviews (or anytime throughout the year) are also included.

Uploaded on March 4 2022

Mental Health Monday-Exercise and Mental Health

Category: Parent Communications

Exercise is not just about fitness goals and gaining muscles. Sure, exercise can improve your physical health and help you maintain a healthy weight, but that’s not all that should motivate you and your family to exercise!

Uploaded on May 11 2020

Mental Health Monday-Growing Gratitude

Category: Parent Communications

The Fort Vermilion School Division Connection Team works in the schools of our communities to support students in a variety of ways.

Uploaded on April 27 2020

Mental Health Week

Category: Parent Communications

CMHA Mental Health Week runs from May 04-10, 2020. The Theme for this year's event is "Social Connection."

Uploaded on May 4 2020

Monday Mental Health Message: Wired for Connection

Category: Parent Communications

Most of us know and understand the basics of taking care of our health: eat your fruits and veggies, exercise regularly and make sure to get enough sleep. But we often neglect the importance of social connection for our health and well-being. Studies show that social connection strengthens our immune system, helps us recover from illness/disease more quickly, and people who feel more connected have lower rates of anxiety and depression.

Uploaded on June 1 2020

Monday's Mental Wellness Message: Kids and Technology

Category: Parent Communications

A Monday Wellness Message from the FVSD Connection Team

Uploaded on May 26 2020

National Aboriginal Veterans Day

Category: Division Calendar

This poster provides some background on National Aboriginal Veterans Day, which takes place on Nov. 8.

Uploaded on November 4 2020

Notice to parents regarding social media threat to school

Category: Parent Communications

The Fort Vermilion School Division is aware of a social media post that was made on a community Facebook page recently regarding threats of violence at a local school.

Uploaded on November 19 2020

Nov 24, 2021 AB Health Parent Letter - RE: Vaccines for Children 5-11 Years

Category: Parent Communications

Health Canada has approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 - 11 years and is recommending vaccination for this age group.

Uploaded on November 26 2021

REDI Tourism Partnership Report

Category: Parent Communications

This report was completed in conjunction with Regional Economic Development Initiative of the Northwest (REDI), Mackenzie Frontier Tourist Association (MFTA), Alberta Cares Grant and input from many partners, members and interested parties across the region.

Uploaded on May 25 2020

Ward Review One Page Summary

Category: Parent Communications

Fort Vermilion School Division Board of Trustees is conducting an electoral boundary ward review and contracted a third party, Alberta School Boards Association (ASBA), to facilitate the review and public consultation.

Uploaded on October 1 2020